May 4

This page is obsolete. Please go here.

Jan 11

Surprise. The language isn't complete. However, it is coming along nicely, and the web site is up at

For those who didn't already know, I am putting the GAUGE^3D project on hold for the time being, while I work on my new programming language, Evlan. I still hope and expect to return to GAUGE^3D some day, but not until Evlan is mature enough that I can write GAUGE^3D in it.

I suspect this page ( will not be updated again for a long time. Perhaps months, perhaps years. It depends on how quickly Evlan progresses. So, don't be surprised.

Dec 11

Verisign's databases don't work. They won't let me update my mailing address. It's almost like they know I want to update it just so that I can then transfer the domain to a better registrar.

In unrelated news, I'm transfering this domain to a better registrar, and I'll be screwing with the DNS a bit, so it may be up and down for a while. I'm sure no one cares. :)

Oct 25

Well, it seems GAUGE^3D will be on hold for awhile. I am currently working on creating a new programming language. Later on, I fully intend to write GAUGE^3D in that language, but the language needs to be working with a decent optimizer before that happens, obviously. An initial implementation of the language (i.e. slow, buggy, no API, but working) should be ready by the end of the year. Unlike with past projects, I actually have an obligation to meet this deadline, so it WILL be met. More information will become available at that time (I will post a link on this web page). But here's a little teaser:

I wrote a complete asynchronous (and highly scalable) IRC-like chat software suite (client and server) in this language in only 161 lines of code. Also, a basic XML parser (equivalent to what GUF has now) would take fewer than 100 lines of code. It's object-oriented and imperative, but it borrows concepts from functional and logical programming. There is no way to write a program in this language which might cause a segmentation fault or throw a null pointer exception. It is nearly impossible to write a program in this language that doesn't take advantage of parallel processing, but thread synchronization issues are mostly handled automatically. And, finally, in some situations, at least, it has the potential to be faster than C.

Yes, it will be open source.

Jul 2

For those who were wondering: I have had almost no free time over the last few months, first due to finals and now because I have a full-time job. What small amount of free time I do have is usually taken by either Final Fantasy X, Twins baseball, or one of a few select people (you know who you are ;) ). I still hope to return to GAUGE and GUF eventually, but it probably won't happen until either I finish FFX or the Twins drop out of contention or win the series. :)

I'm sure that was more than any of you needed to know. :)

Mar 18

People say I should update this site more often. So, here's the deal as of now:

Work on GUF has been going well. The plugin system will be complete soon, and once it is, development should accellerate greatly, because people will be able to work on separate code modules much more easily. I expect the focus will return to GAUGE within a couple of months.

Feb 2

Really, I don't know why this site gets so many hits. If you're looking for a working game engine (or part of one), come back in a few months. :)

In other news, GUF is now its own, separate project. If you are interested in learning about a C++ framework library which changes the way C++ is written (and which will eventually be used in GAUGE), check it out.

Dec 20

I put up some new screenshots of some experiments I have been doing with cartoon rendering.

Dec 17

Well, I thought I'd get up off my lazy ass and let you all know what I've been up to. (Does anyone actually read this page? Perhaps not, but that's ok.)

First things first: GAUGE^3D will be used in a game called "Fate of Io". This is a role-playing game being created from scratch, inspired by great games like Final Fantasy and Baldur's Gate. The game will be 100% free and open source. You can find more info and even join in development at In case you are wondering, the main reason why they are using GAUGE is because I am their lead programmer. :)

Next up: GUF. I hope to get this code to a vaguely releasable state soon! I have been experimenting with all sorts of object-oriented design techniques, and I believe I am close to something really cool. If all goes according to plan, GUF could change the way you look at C++. :) I intend to create a new SourceForge project for it once I get the code ready. Expect to see something within a month.

What about GAUGE itself? Well, GAUGE will be based on GUF, of course. That means, however, that GUF needs to be relatively stable before work on GAUGE can start up again. I am still committed to seing that this happens! I believe that GUF will make GAUGE much easier to organize and write, while at the same time making it much more efficient through the use of asynchronous operations and I/O.

For the time being, however, GAUGE is still not very useful. If you have come here looking for a ready-to-use game engine, I suggest you look elsewhere. If you want to join in development, however, go ahead and e-mail me, but it may be a little while before I have anything really interesting for you to do.

Feb 14

Where GAUGE is going from here:

Over the last month or two, I have come to the realization that GAUGE includes lots of technology that would be useful in programs other than games. Utilities such as the smart pointer, the plugin loader, the abstract file I/O interface, and more could be useful in almost any large-scale C++ project. Because of this, I have decided to remove this code from GAUGE and make a new library out of it. This library, called "the Grand Unified C++ Framework" (GUF), will provide a cross-platform framework for everything which is lacking from the standard C++ API (threading, filesystem access, dll loading, etc.). Some code has already been placed on CVS (replace "gauge3d" with "guf" to download). Check back for updates on this project here over the next few weeks!

Feb 13

Version 0.3.0 has been released. Head on over to the downloads section to get it.

Jan 30

Just about every page on this site has been updated. Take a look around. GAUGE^3D version 0.3.0 will probably be officially released within the next week. The code is on CVS now, minus the latest D3D rendering plugin.

Oct 29

Do you like screenshots?

Note that the JPEGs are very very large as I did not want JPEG compression artifacts ruining my screenshots!

The images are of one idea for the GAUGE logo. The model was created in 3D Studio Max.

Aug 22

Just in case you didn't believe me before, yes, despite the lack of news updates, GAUGE is still quite active. As a matter of fact, according to the Sourceforge rankings, GAUGE is more active than 91.68% of the projects on Sourceforge. Furthermore, GAUGE is one of the top ten most active 3D projects. So there. :)

Anyway, I'm here to mention that some documentation is now available for the GAUGE API. Check the design section for more.

GAUGE still has a way to go before it becomes a featureful, stable, usable game engine, but it is getting closer. Expect to see some silly little games based on GAUGE within the next few weeks.

May 2

Version 0.1.3 of GAUGE has been released! Go get it from the downloads section!

This version works on Windows as well as Linux. It is a bit difficult to compile on Windows, so I have put up binaries. Not that you can really do much with the binaries, other than watch a silly graphics demo and play with some boring back-end stuff, but hey, it works!

If it is several months from now and this is still the top news item, don't get mad. :) We are constantly updating GAUGE on CVS (once every two days on average), so you can always look there for the newest stuff.

May 1


Mar 30

We're not dead. The CVS code is being updated on a regular basis. Right now the CVS repository contains 3.2 times as much code as the v0.1.2 release. I would say that it contains 20 times the functionality.

The fact is, I really don't care to update this news page much. :) But GAUGE is not dead unless I am dead, and I'm not dead. So there.

Hmm... dare I mention that GAUGE will be able to emulate other game engines when it is complete? Engines like... Half-Life!

Oh, the call for coders thing still applies. Several people have joined already, but more are always welcome.

Jan 23

Call for coders

The GAUGE project needs more coders! Here's what we need:

  • Port managers: We need someone who can manage ports to various operating systems. Specifically, we need help with Windows, BeOS, MacOS, and every other OS except Linux. (we already have linux covered.) Port managers are in charge of figuring out how to build GAUGE on their OS as well as managing their OS's abstraction layer.
  • Coders: We need people to simply code various parts of the engine. GAUGE is split into several packages. Each package is split into several components. Coders can sign up to do whichever components they wish. Descriptions of all packages and their components can be found in the design section of this site.
  • Testers: We need people who can test the individual components which other coders write. You need just as much coding experience to test as you do to code, but testing is less work. Testers need to write test programs for components. You can sign up as both a tester and a coder, but not for the same component.

If you would like to join, contact me and tell me what you would like to do and what OS and compiler you are using. Also, join the developer's mailing list.

Remember, GAUGE is open source software. Everyone can download the complete source code for free. You can even make modifications to it and give copies to your friends (as long as you give them the source code as well).

GAUGE v0.1.2 Released

v0.1.2 has been released. This version contains headers for all components and implementations for the basic 3D math classes (D3M package). The headers are well commented, so it should be no problem for someone new to the project to start coding.

Jan. 9

This page is now complete. In a few days the domain name "" will be transfered to this server. Until then, a few of the links on this site (that point to may be broken.

Jan. 9

The new page is up! This web page was originally designed for GAUGE by David Paeme, who mysteriously stopped working on it before it was finished. I tweaked it a bit and patched up the missing spots.

All of the old news has been removed because it was... well... old. (There were a ton of broken links and outdated pieces of information.)

GAUGE's component architecture has gone through a MAJOR overhaul! The new documents are available in the design section. The source code is all-new. Go and download it in the downloads section! This time, we are doing everything the Right Way.

As of the writing of this paragraph, the source code is at version 0.1.1. This version includes full source for the basic 3D math library and headers for the OS abstraction layer as well as a good chunk of GAUGE's back-end.

Newer versions may appear without warning! We are very busy working on the GAUGE code, and rarely have time to update the web page for new releases. The only way to know for sure if you have the latest release is to look at the downloads page and check what the version number is. Time between releases can vary greatly depending on how busy I am with other things. So, either check back frequently or join the developer's mailing list. (Or, just ignore us. See what I care. :)